Hocking Conservancy District

Margaret Creek Subdistrict

Governance of the Hocking Conservancy District

Hocking Conservancy District is governed by a Conservancy Court made up of one Common Pleas Judge from each of the two counties within the watershed. The Ohio Revised Code Chapter 6101 provides that the Conservancy Court shall be vested with power to exercise jurisdiction over the Conservancy District. The Conservancy Court shall appoint the Board of Directors who shall oversee the operations of the District. The Conservancy Court meets annually, on a date agreeable to both Judges schedule, in order to receive and review the Districts annual report presented by the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors

The Conservancy Court appoints three individuals to serve on the Board as Directors to handle all matters necessary to accomplish the purposes of the Conservancy District. Meetings of the Board are open public sessions, and are routinely held on the third Tuesday of each month at 10:30 am.

Roster of Directors for 2013:  Abigail Saving; Timothy Warren; Alex Tyre.


Board of Appraisers

The Board of Appraisers is a three-member board that approves the methodology for determining the assessments for the District based on the benefits that the project provides. The Conservancy Court appoints the Appraisers.

Roster of Appraisers for 2012:  Andy Sylvia; William Parker; Tim Galway

HCD / MCCD Administrative Staff

Administrative Employees:

Mark Holdcroft, Secretary-Treasurer

Nancy Ross, Administrative Secretary