Hocking Conservancy District

Margaret Creek Subdistrict

Welcome to the Hocking Conservancy District

The Hocking Conservancy District is a political subdivision of the State of Ohio and has the role of being the local cooperating agency for flood reduction projects and to operate and maintain these projects as required. The Hocking River Watershed has a drainage basin of 1200 square miles and empties into the Ohio River at Hockingport, Ohio. The District was formed in 1963 with the Official Plan being adopted in 1965. In 1989, the District assumed the responsibility for the operations and maintenance of Margaret Creek Conservancy District, which is composed of a system of dams that reduce flooding impacts to the western portion of Athens County. Hocking Conservancy District and Margaret Creek Subdistrict is dedicated to providing the flood reduction benefits and recreational opportunities for the residents and property owners of Southeast Ohio.